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Women and Children Hospital are happy to announce the arrival of Dr Elizabeth Tlale, specialising as a Gynaecologist/Obstetrician with over 25 years experience. Welcome to our team.


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  • MATERNITY CARE WCH offer the latest Obstetric and Gynecological pre delivery care with highly trained and motivated staff and the latest techniques and equipment. Our professional Midwives make the birth as safe and trouble free as possible.

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  • HIV AND PREGNANCY HIV & AIDS are an ever present threat within Swaziland. WCH have developed a tried and trusted approach to dealing with these complications in a pregnancy. Maximising the chances for mother and baby.

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  • PAEDIATRICSBaby, Toddler, Infant and Child medicine is a highly complex field of medicine as the required knowledge to do the job properly is vast. WCH's highly trained staff can provide the best of healthcare for your children as they develop.

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  • FAMILY HEALTH WCH provide healthcare services for the whole family including general healthcare, vaccinations and immunology, regular screening for possible life threatening conditions, small surgical procedures to major surgical operations.

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  • NUTRITIONNutrition and diet are extremely important during pregnancy and post birth in for mother in order to regain speedy recovery and for baby's healthy development. Nutrition and Dietary advice are freely available at WCH..

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  • GOVERNMENT POLICIES The Government of Swaziland rcognises our ability to provide modern healthcare services in Swaziland and to that end the Governmet are keen to work hand in hand with WCH.

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  • CHILDREN'S HEALTH Baby, Toddler, Infant & Childrens healthcare is monitored by our specialised team with a wealth of experience gained from some of the World's top hospitals..

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  • RESPONSIBLE HEALTHCARE Our highly trained and highly qualified staff provide the best of healthcare to our patients, their ongoing and continued health is our responsibility.

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  • HEALTHCARE FACILITIESWCH pride themselves on having the most modern equipment available in the region, this allows us to povide the highest qualty healthcare to our patients.

Latest News

We at WCH want to keep you informed about what to do in the event of an emergency and we will be publishing a series of informative pamphlets over the next few months See below.