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The Paediatric Department in Women and Children Hospital is the biggest with a total of 28 beds. The distribution of beds is 4 in the Intensive Care Unit, 4 in the High Care Unit and 20 general paediatric beds.
The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) services both new born babies (neonates) and paediatric patients. We pride ourselves for the excellent services that have been rendered in this unit to very sick little people. We strive to keep the services at a high standard via our trained and competent staff.
As with the ICU, the high care unit looks after patients that require more intense care than provided in a general ward. Most patients from ICU pass through this unit before transferred to the general ward before discharge.
The general paediatric ward caters for the need of paediatric patients that require hospitalisation. We allow a carer to stay with these patients for the duration of their admission. The carer may be the mother or father of the patient, another relative or a paid carer.
It is the main aim of the staff to nurse the patients back to normal within familiar surroundings that make them feel at home – they therefore play and watch TV to their hearts’ content if circumstances allow

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Our pediatric department is dedicated to the well-being of your child and supports your child's rights to healthcare in an environment of professionalism, safety and trust. We recognize the importance of the prevention of disease and the promotion of health, thus ensuring comprehensive health care for pediatric patients and their families.